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Added Security at McNiel Junior High

Wichita Falls Independent School District is dealing with a violent threat, but it could be because of rumors.

The school’s public information office confirmed rumors of a possible shooting at McNiel Junior High, but the district takes all threats seriously.  It doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake. 

The school had two extra officers on campus on Thursday and they are expected to be there on Friday as well.

When something like a threat happens, extra officers are put on campus for two reasons.  One, they want to make everyone feel safe, and second, it’s to make sure there are enough officers to take action if anything happens.

One parent whose daughter goes to McNiel said she feels uneasy when a threat happens regardless if there are more officers or not.

“I think it's still dangerous.  I think when someone is determined to hurt someone, I don't think any amount of police officer is going to be able to stop that,” said Erin Marks.

Marks was unaware of the threat on Thursday and said if she had known, she wouldn’t have sent her daughter to school.  However, she has told her daughter what to do if a shooter was in the school, but said people don’t know how they are going to react to a situation. 

Another parent, Chasity Gales said she hasn’t decided if she is going to send her daughter to school on Friday, but admits she feels more comfortable knowing extra officers are at McNiel.

There is normally one officer stationed at each junior high and high school in the district.  Officers are not pulled away from any campus to help with extra security measures.  Instead, the district hires off duty officers to help protect the school.

If your child ever hears about at threat, make sure to report it.

Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6
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