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Electra School Bond

Electra School Bond

Electra ISD is proposing to spend $11.98 million on a new consolidated junior high/high school building and renovating the current elementary school building. Thursday night residents were invited to Electra high school to ask questions about the bond proposal. Superintendent Scott Hogue says that by keeping the secondary schools consolidated the school district is saving more than three million dollars.

"Without even considering personal just in utilities and upkeep  about 250,000 a year," said Hogue.

The current facility has been operational for 80 years and according to Hogue its far too old to keep upgrading and updating. The science labs don't have the  proper chemical drains or access to gas for Bunsen burners. Hogue says that by building a new school it would show the community was committed to giving their students the best education it can afford.

"We want to be a place where  we can competitively attract people that want to come to Electra and want to be here and live in our community," said Hogue.

However, some residents like Scott Lamke say that he won't be voting in favor of the bond and worries about what would be happening with the old secondary building.

"My question is what are we going to do with all these empty properties you drive through Electra and everything is empty," said Lamke.

The first floor of the current high school building would be turned into the district’s new administration building. Hogue said they do have plans for the other floors.

"The second and third floor will be used for storage and things of that nature or if people in the community want meeting rooms something like that," said Hogue.

So what happens to the old administration building?

"This land will be cleared off to be cleaned and possibly built into a community park," said Hogue.

The new school would cost residents an average of ten dollars or more in taxes every month. Electra resident Joyi Turner said she’s split on whether she will vote for or against the bond. She acknowledges the school building is old but is not excited to pay more in taxes.

"The one they are in now my god it came over on Noah's ark. But you know there’s two sides to every story and I'm in the middle," Turner.

Early voting begins Monday, April 28th through May 6th. The final day to vote is Saturday, May 10th.

Below is a link to the bond proposal.


Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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