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Understanding The Bond: Those For & Against

Understanding The Bond: Those For & Against

Two groups with very different ideals are fighting for the same goal, to gain public support through the power of the polls. The group Bond and Build are supportive of the Wichita Falls school boards $125 million bond proposal. Community For A Better Bond opposes the bond.

"With going to a two school program even if some programs are added, you’re going to lose a third of the opportunities for a lot of the activities studies show that when kids don't participate they don't they don’t stay in school," said Charlie Gibson of Community For A Better Bond.

Gibson worries that fewer schools mean fewer chances for students to take part in athletics and arts programs. However, Kerry Maroney of bond and build says that some of the schools current programs are not able to operate due to lack of student participation.

"Look at Wichita Falls high school the freshman girls basketball team they had to cancel their season because they did not have enough to participate in girls basketball," said Maroney.

Maroney said the bond proposal to consolidate the high schools from three to two will help save the district millions of dollars.

"Every month we spend about a million dollars out of our district that goes to maintain and operate the thirty campuses that we have. I think you got to look at it from more than just the sports aspect of it. And to Attract and retain teachers put these highly trained teachers in the classroom in order to do that you’re going have to pay them in order to do that you’re going have to redirect some of these funds that were paying into maintenance and operation right now," said Maroney.

Gibson said that he's all about saving the school district money, but still feels that the proposal lacks specific details of how that $125 million will be spent. He says that there has been no mention of what programs will be optional at the proposed early college career tech center; Gibson says the school board has not even decided on a specific location.

"They say it might be on the old high track it might be at Hirschi, mightdoesn'tn’t give you much confidence," said Gibson.

Maroney admits there are no specific details as to the location or the programs that could be offered. The early college would not be built for another three years Maroney says a lot can change in that time span. According to Maroney the programs would be decided only after the bond is passed and working closely with the chamber of commerce.

Both groups will have to wait until May 10th before they know how the community truly feels.



Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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