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BBB: Direct Sales Check Scam

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Representatives for direct sales companies like Avon, Thirty-One Gifts and Mary Kay are finding themselves the targets of a new take on the classic check scam. 

The request seems like an easy sale, so you prepare the products and receipt. Then, your new "customer" sends you an urgent message. There was some mix up, and they accidentally sent a check for far more money than the purchase amount. The customer suggests that you fix the mistake by depositing the check, keeping the money for the purchase and wiring the remainder to someone else. 
The stories given vary. Sometimes you are asked to wire money to a "doctor." Other times, you are supposedly sending cash to the daughter's wedding planner. The check is a fake, and, if you withdraw money against it, you are out those funds. 
The Better Business Bureau offers this following tips to avoid fake check scams: 

1. Be wary of checks received from unknown individuals
2. Do not accept overpayments
3. Do not wire money to anyone you do not know
4. Confirm before you withdraw cash acheck can take several days to clear