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A.C.A. Gives Insured More Options

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The White House latest numbers say that more than 8 million Americans are now insured under the Affordable Care Act.

Dr. Brian Hall, Director of Primary Care at United Regional Physicians Group said health care has not always been a big concern for Americans.

“People take better care of their car than they do of their body,” said Dr. Hull.

He said millions of people who did not have health care now will have access.

“Now have at least an opportunity come and have a complete physical examination and assessment to see where their healthcare needs really are," said Dr. Hall.  

Dr. Hull said under the Affordable Health Care law patients now have more options and better coverage. He used this analogy to describe the benefits of preventative care.

"It's like owning a car that you haven't been able to afford to take it to the shop and now you can afford to take to the shop and find out that you need to break some new tires or maybe the oil needs to be change to keep it running a little better," said Hull.

Dr. Hull said, prior to the health care overhaul many patients would not be able to receive certain procedures without the cost of them coming out of their own pocket.

"Colorectal screening, a colonoscopy in the appropriate setting at age 50 and above will be covered. Mammography will be covered for women over the age of 40. Pap smears will be covered. Screening laboratory test, such as fasting blood sugar, checking your cholesterol, dietary counseling, emotional counseling, mental health screening. All are covered under the affordable care act,” said Hull.

When asked about pre-existing conditions.

"According to the affordable care act pre-existing conditions are no longer an issue,” said Hull.

However, he says there are certain private plans were that might not be the case, but for children a pre-existing condition would not matter.

Dr. Hull said new inclusions in the Affordable Care Act are not only better for patients but also doctors. He said it will allow him to better treat patients.

"I can see you sooner. I can treat you more effectively, if you have hypertension at age 30. If I start treating you age 30, I can prevent you from catching a heart attack at age 50,” said Dr. Hull.

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