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Understanding The Bond: Barwise Upgrades

Understanding The Bond: Barwise Upgrades

Barwise Junior High would be increasing its capacity by 250 students if the school boards recent bond proposal is passed. A total of $6.6 million would be spent on things like roofing, flooring, paint, ceilings, lighting, and handicap accessibility. The majority of the $6.6 would be spent on new classrooms capable for the proposed additional 250 students.

"So that’s going to allow us to have sixth graders seventh graders and eighth graders at the Barwise campus. We just feel that’s kind of a domino effect, we can add some of the sixth graders to our middle schools and that’s gonna allow us to free up some space for the elementary schools," said Allyson Flack of the WFISD School Board.

The school district is aiming towards more consolidation. Many of the schools in the district are decades of years old; Baswise JH has been open since 1959. According to Flack WFISD spends around $1 million a month on maintaining its nearly 40 plus facilities. By consolidating the schools the district would be able to free up millions of dollars.

"If we free up this money for maintenance, we’re able to spend it on facilities for students. You could have more assistant principals that are able to, you know have some more one on one time with students. That's really what’s important. We need teachers, counselors, and administrative to have that accountability to the students and visa versa. That way we can keep the kids engaged in school and get them to graduate," said Flack.

Early voting will continue until Tuesday May 6th and the final day to vote is Saturday May 10th.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6
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