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Sex Crimes on Campus

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Sex Crimes are on the rise on college campuses. Today the Obama Administration called for better sexual-violence prevention and education programs.

Newschannel 6 visited Midwestern State University to dig deeper into these heinous crimes.

Dr. Matthew Park, the Associate Vice President at MSU said these types of crimes are growing exponentially.

"One in five women are sexually assaulted on college campuses," said Dr. Park. "It’s blown up in terms of how big it is, which means we could have 20 to 25 percent of our young women attending our campus who have experienced an act first hand of sexual violence. That is not acceptable.”

Dan Williams, MSU’s Chief of Campus Police said these crimes typically happen in dorms where alcohol is involved.

“Many have been related with alcohol and young people don’t always make the best choices,” said Williams. “Sometimes they find themselves in a situation and they don’t know how to back out of it gracefully.”

MSU students stressed their fears towards sexual violence, saying they’re afraid to live alone because of sex crimes.

“It kind of frightens me and when I moved in as a freshman I didn’t want to live on my own,” said Brenda Pron, an MSU student. “Hearing those stories didn’t make it any better.”

Dr. Park said that sexual crimes cover many actions.

“Acts of sexual misconduct, whether it be harassment or sexual assault, stalking or domestic or dating violence,” said Park. “These are all considered gender discrimination.”

The government has created a website with statistics and educational information about sexual-violence including information on how to file future federal complains. The website also has statistics about sex crimes associated with your Universities.

You can check out this website at,

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