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Understanding The Bond: Rider Becomes A Junior High

Understanding The Bond: Rider Becomes A Junior High

What is currently Rider High School could become a junior high by 2017 if the Wichita Falls School Board’s 2014 bond proposal is passed. The board has proposed spending a total of $4.4 million dollars to renovate Rider HS flooring, paint, ceilings, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and handicap accessibility to re purpose the school as a Junior High. Rider would be getting more than just a name change and a facelift the new junior high school would be the home for grades six through eight.

Most of the students would come from what is now McNiel Junior High and consolidate the 6th graders from neighboring elementary schools into the rider building also. According the Bob Peyton WFISD has the highest number of campuses in the state in a district of its size. Peyton said that’s one of the reasons why the school board is looking to consolidate some of the schools in the district.

"We spend about a million dollars a month in maintenance funds throughout the district and we wanna free up some of that money so we can put better programs in for our students, we can retain and attract the best teachers we can become the highest paying teacher district here in region nine and throughout this area," said Peyton.

The idea is to make Wichita Falls a more competitive district when it comes to attracting and maintaining teachers. Peyton says new or renovated buildings along with additional funds to invest in more administrative and students' needs would help make the district one of the best in North Texas.

"We could recruit not only locally MSU, but if we could go recruit around the state. We could say that we have something to bring them here to show them and a place they would enjoy coming to work," said Peyton.

Out of all the junior highs in the district Barwise will be getting the most money if the bond is passed. Barwise would receive $6.6 million, about $2 million more than what would be going to Rider.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6.

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