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Electra Votes

It's the third day of early voting and many residents in Electra have already made their voices heard.

Over 1,500 Electra residents are registered to vote and by Wednesday over 150 have chosen to vote early.  In 2013, a total of 303 residents chose to vote early and on election day.

The ballot this year has three big issues.

There are three city positions to up for election: Mayor for the City of Electra and two Electra City Commissioners.

Another item on the ballot is the proposed amendment to Electra's City Charter, calling for an initiative, referendum and recall powers to be included.  In October of 2013, a petition was signed by many Electra residents, but was considered invalid because the signatures were not dated.  Now that the signatures have been dated, the proposed amendment is now on the ballot.

Another big item on the ballot is the Electra Independent School District bond worth $11.98 million.  Electra I.S.D Superintendent, Scott Hogue said, this bond is a large deal for the community.

"We're working very hard to try to improve our facilities for our kids.  Not only to make Electra a more attractive place to be, but also to provide something for our children that we feel that we may be lacking in a 1926 year old building," said Hogue.

Hogue plans to improve the current E.I.S.D. Facilities by including safety, computer and science labs; all things a modern school might have.

"Our first floor is beautiful, but when you get into the second and third floor, there's only so much electrical capacity you can have within a building.  Also, there's only so many technological things that you can wire, cables you can run and things that you can do before you can start expanding," said Hogue.

Of course, Hogue hopes the school bond does pass, but if it does not, he said, "then of course, we go back to the drawing board and see what the community feels would be a more relative thing for us to try to go out and do." 

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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