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New Scam Targets College Students

The Wichita Falls Police Department Financial Crimes Unit says it is investigating another scam involving Craigslist.

The scam is targeting college students seeking employment.

Nathan Gardner, a Midwestern State University student said finding employment in today’s job market is not easy to come by and being worried about scams is the last thing he or any student should have to worry about.

"I think its taking advantage of a very delicate situation. Some people are really desperate to find jobs,” said Gardner.

 So far in Texoma, one student has fallen victim to the scam.

W.F.P.D. Public Information Officer, Jeff Hughes explained how the scam works.  

"They will come across a job opportunity. Something along the lines of, you don't have to do anything other than put a magnetic sign on your car and drive around. If you do that and advertise for us, we will pay you,” said Hughes.

The criminals send potential employees a fake check more than the amount they were suppose to get paid and tell them to cash it and send them the remaining balance.

Unfortunately, students do not know the checks are fraudulent until the deposit it into the bank.

Hughes said there are some things students can do to prevent this from happening to them.

“Anytime you receive any type of check in the mail from an unknown source or a source that is probably not a trusted source. Then it is probably not going to be a valid check. If it sounds to be good to be true it is,” said Hughes.

MSU students Newschannel 6 talked to said they will be more conscious about when searching for jobs online.

Abdullah Maruf, a MSU student, said “Just do some research try to learn if the owner or trustable or not it can be a scam you never know."

"I'm pretty cautious anyway but it does make you want to question pretty much everything,” said Gardner.

Police said students should be aware of accepting jobs without meeting their perspective employer face-to-face.

Also, that any check a person that cashes a check that is fake or forged could face felony charges.

Jimmie Johnson
, Newschannel 6 
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