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Water Reuse Project Not Online

The Wichita Falls Temporary Water Reuse Project did not go online Thursday. 

City Officials expected to get the results from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality by May 1, but that did not happen.

The city said isn't sure when it will get those results from the T.C.E.Q.

The project will move 5 million gallons of water from the Red River Waste Water Treatment Plant to the Cypress Water Treatment Plant through the pipeline that was built.

The water will then be treated several times before it goes back into the water system.

n August of last year Wichita Falls city councilors approved $13 million dollars to fund a Temporary Reuse Project. 

That money went towards building a 63,000 ft pipeline from the River Road Waste Water facility to the Cypress Treatment Plant.

On January 8, water began to be pumped from river road to cypress so it could be tested by the city.          

The Wichita Falls Public Works officials tested water for 40 days.

On March 11, the city finished testing and sent water samples off to the T.C.E.Q.  Water testing cost the city around $300,000.  

The city expected to receive the results from the T.C.E.Q. on May 1, but did not. Officials said the results were expected to come back in about 30 days.  

If approved, it would allow the city to move and treat 5 million gallons of water per day that would otherwise be dumped into the Wichita River.

Then it would be treated several times before going back into the city's main water supply.

Stay with Newschannel 6 as we continue to follow the progress of the Temporary Water Reuse Project. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 

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