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Liquor by the Drink

Liquor by the Drink

Nocona is voting whether or not to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages or mixed drinks within the city of Nocona. Current law allows only establishments with private club licensing are allowed to sell alcohol. In order to get a drink from a "club" you need to not only show your I.D. but also be logged into a computer system that assigns you a membership number.

Last September residents of Nocona turned in over 250 signatures for a petition to legalize: "The legal sale of alcoholic beverages including mixed beverages." While some residents worry that more access to alcohol could lead to more abuse of the drink others like Nocona native Shannon Lemon said she feels booze won't only boost the economy but also make the town and its residents safer.

"On a Friday or Saturday night I know a lot of people go out and drink and I think if we could keep it here in town it would be a lot safer. I know a lot of people from Nocona who will travel to Wichita Falls or Gainsville or sometimes even Denton to drink and then travel back home," said Lemon.

Residents in Nocona have been served up a law, they have until May 10th to decide if they will pass it or not.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6

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