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Big Wheels in Small Town

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Recent years have been hard on the city of Nocona, but citizens have created a vision to rebuild the town. This vision gave birth to Nocona's car auction. A city that was once trying to survive is now thriving.

With a population of about 3000, Nocona will tripple in size as car lovers from far and wide attend the second annual car auction. Hotels in Henrietta, Nocona and the surrounding communities are booked for the event. I spoke with local restaurant owners and the Executive Assistant for Economic Development and found that a majority of businesses are booming.

Joni Coursey, Director for the Chamber of Commerce and Executive Assistant for Economic Development, said, “There’s Immediate local impact economically, heads in beds hotels are full.  We don't have enough spaces.  We're having to rent homes and houses so the immediate impact is obvious.

In addition to the immediate effects, lasting effects can be seen on every corner. Coursey says that gas stations, local mechanics, restaurants and hotels are among the top businesses to see the lasting effects.

“Whether our businesses are planting flowers  or the hotels are adding rooms, that requires man power which means we have to hire people,” said Coursey. “So before that vision came before them I think there was a sense of, for lack of a better term,  a perishing. Just another rural small town.”

Cecilia Delrio says that after the car auction came to town, business couldn't be better.

“Yes, the business has improved at least thirty to forty percent since the auto show started, it's amazing.” Said Delrio. “It's fun, it feels like it's supposed to be. More like a party’s going on.”

Brody Carter
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