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Understanding The Bond: New High School at Memorial Athletic Complex

Understanding The Bond: New High School at Memorial Athletic Complex

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If the WFISD School Board’s bond proposal is passed a new high school capable of holding over 1,900 hundred students would be constructed at one of three sites on the Memorial Athletic Complex grounds owned by WFISD. The new high school would be built on either the baseball, softball or soccer fields that currently take up the northeast, northwest and southwest sections of the complex. WFISD School board member Bob Payton says that there is not set location that has been chosen yet.

"The district would still need to look at soil samples from the surrounding area. I think some people have brought up it would be a lower cost to relocate soccer fields  to rebuild soccer fields than some of the other things out here," said Payton.

Yvonne Teruel-Martinez has two children that play in the Greater Wichita Falls Soccer Association, whose fields are located in the northwest corner of the complex.  

"My daughter has been playing since she was about three years old, that is her passion. My son was playing when he was about three to four years old. Now he's starting back up again so just knowing that they are wanting to possibly tear down the soccer fields, what are my kids going to do," said Teruel-Martinez.

Payton says that WFISD would not break ground on any of the possible three sites until they could be properly relocated.

"We don't want to just say sorry you're evicted, we do want to help them out so that's why were acquiring that property. We are already entered into a due diligence period purchase 44 acres just to the west of the stadium here just right across Greg road still on southwest parkway," said Payton.

JC Whaley is president of the GWFSA he said that no matter what the decision made him and his soccer association will move forward.

"If they vote and decide to move it out here I'll support it and if they have to go to the drawing board I guess well see what happens then," said Whaley.

The new high school would replace and consolidate two of the current high schools Rider and Wichita Falls aka Old High.

"My aunts, my uncles everybody went to old high," said Teruel-Martinez.

Though it might be hard for her to let go, to a school with a personal past and accept that her children's soccer fields could be relocated she says it might just all be for the best.

"I guess at the same time it would be good for my kids to have a better future and to be able to actually make something out of themselves in this small town," said Teruel-Martinez.

Another reason the school board chose Memorial Athletic Complex as the site for the future new high school was because of its close proximity to McNiel Junior High. The bond proposal also suggests changing McNiel into a ninth grade campus so that students could still be actively participate in UIL and extracurricular activities. All three said that it's important for residents to get out and vote so that the towns true voice is heard.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6