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A 4-Year-Old Fired His Father's Gun

A four-year-old boy fires a shot in a vehicle he was left alone in. This happened outside of Southwest Family Church at seven this morning. Newschannel 6 spoke with the pastor and police to get the details.

"Today we had a parent come by to drop off their child at the day care today and when they came in they apparently left their school age child unattended in the vehicle," said Robert Hollingsworth, Pastor at Southwest Family Church.

Jeff Hughes, the Public Information Officer, said the four year old was able to retrieve a handgun that was stored under his father's seat.
"The child fired the gun one time," said Hughes. "The projectile actually struck a building."

That building was the Southwest Family Church, where other day care children were attending. Hughes says today's events are still under investigation 
and serious consequences are not out of the question. Nobody was hurt by the bullet, but the boy who fired the shot was hit in the head by the gun's recoil. Hollingsworth says the boy had a laceration.

"That's what's being looked at," said Hughes. "Abandoning and endangering a child, that's the charge that is being looked at."

Pastor Hollingsworth says the the precautions are common sense for anyone carrying a weapon.

"We shouldn't leave small children out in cars unattended," said Hollingsworth. "Secondly, if you've got a weapon, secure it."

Brody Carter
Newschannel 6
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