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2nd Lieutenant Pleads Not Guilty at a SAFB Court Martial

A court martial began on Monday at Sheppard Air Force Base for 2nd Lieutenant Benjamin Sears, who has been charged with Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 120c with specifications that he allegedly, intentionally exposed himself to six Midwestern State University students.

5 people were called to the witness stand on Monday, one being, MSU Chief of Police, Dan Williams, 3 former MSU students and 1 current MSU student.

The incident when 2nd Lt. Sears allegedly, intentionally exposed himself happened in April and October of 2013 at the Clark Student Center at MSU’s campus.

 2nd Lt. Sears pleaded not guilty to the charge with specifications of indecent exposure on Monday and also asked to be tried by members of a panel.

If Lt. Sears is convicted as charged, he could face a possible dismissal and two years confinement. Sears has been removed from flying status at Sheppard Air Force Base and has been barred from MSU's campus.

The court martial for 2nd Lt. Benjamin Sears will continue Tuesday, at 8:00 a.m. Newchannel 6 will be at the court martial, so stay with 6 for the latest.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6 
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