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Hard Water Is Threatening Texoma

As we continue our drought watch coverage, hard water is becoming more prevalent in Wichita Falls and it could lead to breaking down your home appliances.

The water is safe to drink but the mineral levels are higher because of our low lake levels.

Brian Walser, Owner of Brian’s Plumbing, said this excess in minerals is clogging pipes in almost any home appliance that relies on water.

“It does a number on your water heaters, it does a number on your toilets. It does a number on your faucets,” said Walser. “It even sticks to the insides of your pipes. Especially if you have copper or old galvanized pipes.”

Now for the fine print, water hardness is measured by grains-per-gallon. 0-1 g-p-g says your water is soft. Four to seven means your water is moderately hard. This is where Texoma has been in recent years. 10 or more g-p-g could indicates your water is very hard.

Texoma’s current g-p-g is 467 times greater than what is normally considered very hard water.

Mark Southard, the Water Source and Purification Superintendent, says Wichita Falls is at 4,673 grains-per-gallon.

Walter Payne, a plumber at Wilbourn and McCabe Plumbing, said this is a serious issue.

“The harder the water gets, the smaller the pipes will get on the inside,” said Payne. “Pretty soon a lot of people will be replacing pipes and fixtures and faucets and having to clean out all sorts of appliances and change everything. So, it can be very serious.”

Brody Carter

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