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Funding The Future

Funding The Future

Tuesday Wichita Falls city council approved authorization allowing the city manager to apply for and accept up to $7.5 million in federal aviation administration grants. The grant money would only be spent on construction cost for the terminal area facilities at the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport. Director of Aviation, Traffic and Transportation John Burrus said this money would help speed up and complete the final leg of the three phase project.       

We will submit an application accept up to seven and half million dollars of FAA funding. What a lot of people don't understand is those are actually user fees that fund capital projects just like this. So that $7.5 million dollars will actually be revenue that the FAA has generated off airline ticket sales as well as sales of aviation fuels and such," said Burrus.

The new terminal at the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport will have a passenger loading bridge that will allow those flying in and out to get on and off the planes one story above ground. Things like airfield lighting site utilities paving and pavement markings would also be included in Phase III. The current terminal  Wichita Falls Municipal Airport would be demolished and flattened.

The total project cost for the new terminal at the WFMA is just over $28 million. According to Burrus nearly half of that or $14 million came through federal grants. Wichita Falls will have to pay some portion of the project cost, but Burrus said that the payments would be stretched out over two decades.

"The only local dollars really going into the project are from the 4a 4 b economic development funds or about 14000 a year for the next 20 years," said Burrus.

The new terminal is set to be open and operational sometime in the late fall before the holiday season.

                Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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