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2nd Lt. Sears Found Guilty

2nd Lieutenant Benjamin Sears was found guilty on Tuesday for a charge with 2 specifications of indecent exposure.

In April of 2013, 2nd Lt. Sears sat across from a group of three girls at the Clark Student Center at Midwestern State University and exposed himself to them.  A similar incident happened in October of 2013, this time with a different group of three girls, also in the Clark Student Center.  When Sears walked up to the group of girls in October, he said he exposed himself because of a creative writing assignment dealing with public nudity.

Before the guilty verdict on Tuesday, the prosecution called in their final 2 witnesses who described what happened at the Clark Student Center in October.

The Defense called in six witnesses on Tuesday, who all have worked with 2nd Lt. Sears as airmen.  The six witnesses all said 2nd Lt. Sears had an outstanding and amazing military character.

After closing statements were made by both the prosecution and the defense, 2nd Lt. Sears made a statement where he said he has caused pain to both his family and friends and he was expected to be punished.

2nd Lt. Sears has been sentenced to 30 days of confinement and dismissal from the Air Force.   2nd Lt. Sears will still be on active duty during the 30 days of confinement, but will not receive any pay or allowance.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6

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