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Fox Tests Positive For Rabies in Wichita Falls

    The 5th case of rabies has been reported in Wichita Falls. 
    The Wichita Falls Animal Services Center says a fox that was found in the southeastern part of the city tested positive for rabies. 

    Four skunks have tested positive for rabies this year. 

    Residents are encouraged to stay away from stray or wild animals and never put pet food outside of your home. 

    Animal Control Officials for Wichita County said there are signs to look for with rabies.

    Steve Dodge, Animal Control Supervisor, for Wichita County said if your animal starts acting strange or lethargic these could be symptoms of rabies. 

    Dodge says it's important to get your pets vaccinated as a preventative measure to fight rabies. 

    If you see wild animals that are acting friendly or coming onto your property Dodge said this is another sign of rabies symptoms. 
    Dodge said wild animals don't normally come around humans, or like to move around in the daylight. 
    If you see these signs you urged to call Animal Control.  
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