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Is your car spying on you?

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Wichita Falls, TX -
G.P.S. navigation could be spying on you. It could even be building a profile on you. That information could then be sold for a hefty profit by car manufacturing companies. I spoke with car and g.p.s sales men to uncover the truth behind the navigation screen.
G.P.S. stands for global positioning satellite. Satellites orbiting the earth triangulate a drivers position back and forth between continuously tracking a car.
Andy Thornton, the Internet Director at Pruitt Ford in Burkburnett, TX, said the capabilities of a g.p.s are constantly growing.
"It knows where you go what you drive by, where you stop and how long you stay there," said Thornton. "If that info is being stored then yes they will build a profile of you."
This profile is even more detailed than your Facebook page.
"They could go back through that gentleman's data or that ladies data," said Thornton. "Or they could go through their families data and they could find every skeleton, every misstep and every habit about them."
As technology evolves, it's getting harder to find privacy on the open road.
"A few years ago it was hard to find a car with navigation in them. Now it's hard to find one that doesn't have it in them," said Scot Davis, sales manager at Nissan of Wichita Falls. 
According to the Government Accountability Organization, 90 percent of car manufactures are sharing this private information with third parties. 

"It would be a very valuable product to have for the manufacturers but it would also be a dangerous thing to have whether it be the manufacturers, other individuals or the government," said Davis. "It would be something I wouldn't want to be known."
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