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MSU President Leaving

MSU President Leaving

After beginning his career 47 years ago at Midwestern State University as a Professor of Chemistry, Doctor Jesse Rogers announced he will retire as the school's president. Doctor Rogers made the announcement from his office room desk at MSU just before noon on Friday. The plan now is for Doctor Rogers to get back to his teaching roots.

"I want people to know that I was a teacher and a professor and that's the reason I stayed here at Midwestern State University. I do hope to get back to my roots and tutor some young people in mathematics or chemistry or physics I know that they need tutors to help and I would get great joy out of that," said Doctor Rogers.

As Doctor Rogers leaves knowing that he has established an appropriate vision and mission that the school won't get away from. Looking back on his career Doctor Rogers never thought that he would end up as the school's president. After serving his last 13 years as president of MSU, he feels that the university is a great place for young people to grow up and mature.

"Intensive study and work over a four year period exposure to young people and people from other parts of this country," said Rogers.

One student still on campus was from outside the country, but feels she's found a solid home at Midwestern.

"I'm from Germany so MSU is a great place to study. I like to be a student here, so I guess he does a good job. I didn't hear anything bad as well as good," said Julie Maronde.

"I'm actually graduating with a criminal justice degree here tomorrow actually," said Ethan Chianese. He said that even though he's leaving it will be important to find a president that wants to engage with students.

"I think that will be key in replacing him is finding someone who’s really into what the students care about and what they are looking for here to make them feel more at home," said Chianese.

Doctor Rogers said that he will leave his office in August 2015.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6

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