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The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Mother's day is this Sunday and Newschannel 6 took to the streets to find out what mother's really want for Mother's Day.

A lot of moms will no doubt get flowers this weekend, which will likely bring a smile to their face. I talked to a few moms today and there was a definite link between their perfect gift and how old their kids are.

One woman has a baby and what she wants is sleep! Another mom whose kids are grown just wants to spend time with her kids.  But what many mothers want is just to see your smiling face.

Sue Babb, a Texoma mom said, “Mothers want to see their children and if they live too far away they want to talk to them and just know that their children are thinking of them.

Lavern Smithson, another Texoma mom said, “To see their children and their grandchildren if they can, and great grandchildren in my case. But I won't get to see many of them. But that's what is important to me.”

Kelli Holcomb, a Texoma mom with an infant said she just wants someone to take the children and let her sleep.

Newschannel 6 spoke with a flouriest who expects over 500 orders this Mothers Day. He said that mothers just want their children to remember them on their special day.

 “Well mothers for Mother's Day want something really simple,” said David Molina, a flouriest at United Market Street. “Just a remembrance that they're presence matters to their family. So anything that shows they care whether it be a balloon or a hand tied bouquet.”

Although nobody we spoke with said they wanted a present, they said that Mother's Day is more than a gift.

Deborah Reser, a Texoma mom said, “Love, loving my family. They give me more love than anything. more than any presents they can buy. For me it's to be with my family. It's the greatest thing to be with my grandchildren, have fun and enjoy the day.”

Laverne Smithson encouraged Texomans to reach out to your mother this Mother’s Day.

“You know we don't have enough time on this earth, but the more time we can spend with the people we love the better.”

Whether it is peace and quiet, a long nap, or spending time with the ones you love. From all of us at KAUZ, have a Happy Mother's Day.

Brody Carter

Newschannel 6
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