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WFISD: What's Next?

WFISD: What's Next?

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The Wichita Falls Independent School District will head back to the drawing board to build a bond with two new members who were vocally opposed to the board's previous proposal. Recently elected WFISD School Board Trustee Bill Franklin said that if the district wants to get a bond passed it will have to build a bond that improves the current three high schools and does not tear them down. Franklin said that he believes that the community able to support a bond proposal in time for the November 2014 elections.

"I think we need the renovations of the three high schools, the creation of the CTE center, the solutions to our safety and security issues and to the improvement to the Memorial stadium itself," said Franklin.

WFISD school board president Kevin Goldstein said the board realized it was a bold plan, but we’re confident their bond would pass after holding 80 plus meetings to discuss the proposal. The board had also worked with the Wichita Falls chamber of commerce, a community facilities action team and numerous other city groups in order to gain a consensus what residents wanted to see in a bond proposal. Goldstein said that in the future the board might have to use a more grassroots approach instead of holding public town hall type meetings.

"I feel the town halls were angry meetings they were not healthy discussions about kids’ education. We've used the community facilities action team process in the past our stamp of approval or some ideas of that maybe that didn't work. It's going to take a little time for us to sift through that before we go back to the voters and say here's another bond."

Wichita Falls resident Jackie Lenehan still has her "vote no" sign proudly displayed in her yard. Lenehan said if they want to change her vote from a no to a yes, they will have to take consolidation off the board.

"I think we should have the three high schools, I think they're needed," said Lenehan.

Both Bill Franklin and Elizabeth Yeager will attend their first school board meetings as trustees Tuesday.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6