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Heat Seeking Snakes

WICHITA FALLS, TX - United Regional Hospital documented the first snake bite of the season today. The snake bite was done by a rattlesnake but no other information has been given.

Newschannel 6 spoke with experts today that said this is the prime time for snakes, saying our cold weather could be causing snakes to cuddle up next to the warm concrete of your home.

Eddie Hood, Clay County’s Game Warden said its prime time for snakes.

“The cold fronts tend to make our reptiles and snakes move more,” said Hood. “Other things that might draw snakes to a house would be wood piles and stuff that holds rats and mice.”

Andy Gluesnkam, a snake expert said the drought is another reason snakes could be looking for a new home.

Just keep in mind it might lead them to leave the ground they typically occupy and look for better grounds,” said Gluesnkam.

Gluesnkam said Texomans can protect their homes from snakes by practicing good, “yard hygiene.”

“Things that folks might not expect to be a magnet for snakes like bird baths, or food stations for squirrels and song birds,” said Gluesnkam. “Water features in the yard, firewood stacked close to the house. These are all attractive nuisances.”

If you ever come across a snake, Hood said to keep calm and slowly walk the other direction. He said if you get bit by a snake to call 911 and go to a hospital.

In 2010, Peyton Hood was bit by a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake at Lake Possum Kingdom. She died at 23 months old. Since then a program called Peyton's Project has been created and the website, www.peytonsproject.org, is expected to launch in a week. This program is designed to educate parents, industries and the general public about the dangers and myths of rattlesnakes as well as awareness, prevention and procedures to follow if bitten.

For more information on snakes and snake prevention, check out this link that will take you to the Texas Department of State Health Services.
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