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Well Water Relief?

Due to the numerous questions regarding well water quality and usage in Texoma, the Red River Valley Association held a water well workshop Monday.  

Newschannel 6 talked to residents in Texoma about the need for drilling water.  

"This is the worst I've seen it. It’s kind of scary. We're talking about 25 percent in the lakes. Anything we can do on this side of it got to help,” said Kenny Reynolds, a Wichita Falls resident with water well.

Reynolds along with many residents in Texoma is turning to drilling for water to supplement the lack thereof because of the drought. 

"Not going to be able to use city water much longer and really can't now. So if we’re going to keep our trees alive and our shrubs alive we were hoping we could find some water to do it with,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds said it’s not just for curb appeal. He says if he doesn't take action it could affect his property value and shift his foundation.

“I do have some cracking already going on. It's definitely trying to move and by having a well it can hopefully keep it from separating anymore and hopefully pull back together,” said Reynolds.

Other Texoma residents see the need for well water for recreational purposes.

“I have friends who have swimming pools and they're thinking if we don't have any water, we can't have water to put in our pools,” said Reynolds.    

Reynolds said while many are drilling, not all will get the same water quality and supply.

“I've staked a lot of wells in this community and this area right here.  Almost everyone that we have given a location for they've been able to find water,” said Reynolds.

For residents who have water wells, they can get testing by the city or the Red River Valley Association.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6
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