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Drought Watch: Pray For Rain

Drought Watch: Pray For Rain

It's hard to imagine Wichita Falls drying up, but many in Texoma are beginning to fear for the worst. However, while others think about or talk about moving away, Manon McMullen says she's staying put in the Falls and it's the "Pray For Rain" sign in her front yard that explains why.

"That's first Thessalonians on that sign. I feel like it's in the lord's hands and I hope he hears our prayers soon," said McMullen.

While walking around her home McMullen said she's worried that the drought conditions and restrictions on watering will dry up her front yard.

"Just worrying about the trees these old trees here that have been here for so long. I just would hate to see the trees go by the by," said McMullen.

Though her yard might be drying up McMullen said it's her soul that continues to be flooded with faith that the rain will come.

"I just hope that the lord here our prayers and send us rain in abundance and so often he does just that he sends us more than we ask or think, so we're praying he does that this go around," said McMullen.

One sign can do a lot for the community and McMullen said that if more pray Wichita Falls will get more rain.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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