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Growing the Market

The Farmers Market of Wichita Falls had its season opening on Tuesday and many Texoma residents came out to buy produce. Customer, Amanda Bailey was one of the residents who were at the market.

"I can get a lot of variety that's very fresh and I support local growers here.  I wouldn't miss it.  It's very, very important.  It's important for me to come down here and visit everybody and see what's out, what's available and what's fresh," said Bailey.

Bailey, like most Texoma residents have been affected by the drought and it's one of the many reasons she chooses to go to the market.

"I usually have a garden of fresh tomatoes and squash and things every year.  I can't have anything this year.  We don't have the water, so I can't grow.  I just buy from them," said Bailey.

There was a soft opening at the Farmers Market of Wichita Falls in April that didn't attract many, but even with that, the Wichita Falls Downtown Development who manages the market are always thinking of ways to grow it.

"Not only the Charlie Thornberry group, but also Downtown Wichita Falls Development, we're doing a lot of extra advertising, bringing in specialty vendors especially on the weekends.  We have even talked to the community garden on if they had extra produce from their garden that maybe they would want to set up a booth," said Executive Director for the Wichita Falls Downtown Development, Cynthia Laney.

The Farmers Market will offer many specialty and educational programs throughout the season all to help with the market's purpose.  This season is the 3rd season the Downtown Wichita Falls Development has managed the Farmers Market.

"The whole purpose of the Farmers Market is to number one, bring people downtown, number two to sell the produce and because these are locally produced products," said Laney.

Many of the growers at the market said that business was very busy for a Tuesday.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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