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The Drought is Threatening Homeowners

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Wichita Falls, TX - The foundation of your home could be at risk due to the drought. Foundation slips, cracks and safety of any building is a reasonable concern for Texomans.

The President of the North Texas Home Builders Association, Barney Brock, says the city is allowing residents to soak their foundation one day of the week. His fear resides with the pending stage five drought. If the drought continues, foundation soaking could be banned causing foundation failures.

“Wichita Falls has what we list as expansive soil, so each contractor has to make accommodations for the contraction and expansion of the soil,” said Barney.

Brock says he’s seen bricks of foundations already crack.

“It’s becoming more expansive and it doesn't’t give the foundations for any place to move,” said Brock. “The soil moves away from the foundation and what we want to do is move the soil up against the foundation.”

If the city takes away residential soaking privileges, Brock says our foundations could run into many problems.

“And with that comes plumbing issues and pipe lines break,” said Brock. There could be a whole array of issues if we’re not able to soak around the slab.”

He says Texas clay soil is already a handicap because it’s expansive to begin with. The drought is causing our soil to become even more expansive. This is causing some people not to buy a home.

“It’s kind of a wait-and-see issue and a lot of times wait and see has people not buying,” said Brock. “Or not doing some things that people would normally do.”

Brock says the drought is raising a lot of questions of what the worst case scenario could be.

“People are wondering what our worst case scenario could be and we don’t have that answer yet.”