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Petrolia Softball vs. Haskell Playoff Preview

For the fourth year in a row. Region one. One-a features the same match up for the Petrolia lady pirate softball team. Head coach ded gray says this is a younger Haskell team full of new faces, but they know they will be able to hit and put the ball into play. The Pirates talked about how much their defense will play in this series.

"Our defense helped us last round, our defense is what got us here. So i think our defense is going ot have to be well and were going to have to hit well too" Petrolia Catcher Abby Anderson said.
Katie Cummings added "Defense wins games, because if they dont win then, but we know their good at hitting, so we're going to have to come with our bats too, but defense is our main focus."
 The lady pirates have owned the playoff rivalry the last three years winning all three games. This yeat both teams com e into the matchup with similar records.  
     Petrolia has posted a twenty-two and five record while Haskell is twenty-six and eleven. Neither team has lost a game in the playoffs to this point. Petrolia knows to continue that success they must remain focused and confident. 

"Every day focus, if they're focusing that means they're ready for the ball to come to them with every pitch." Head Coach Dede Gray said
Senior outfielder Makayla Bogard added "We respect them and we know what they're capable of, but we also know what we're capable of. If we just go out there and just play to the best of our ability I think we'll be alright."

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