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Stage 5, Conservation, and The Water Reuse Project

City leaders joined Newschannel 6 for a 30 minute special, "Stage 5 Catastrophe," Tuesday. 

In this segment Utilities Operation Manager, Daniel Nix and Public Works Director, Russell Schreiber joined Anchors Chris Horgen and Ashley Fitzwater to talk about what is expected when the city hits Stage 5 Drought Catastrophe.

They also found out if they city looked into lowing the amount of units each household could use before surcharges kick in. 

Another topic was if restaurants were being asked to use plastic and paper over real dishware.  They could also conserve by serving bottled water rather than tap water.

Finally, they had the opportunity to get an update on the water reuse project since it didn’t launch on May 1st.  They found out where the project stands now.
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