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The Drought Could Be Making You Sick

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The drought could be making you sick and causing respiratory related illnesses including asthma, and emphysema.

Kristin Hoskins, a Pharmacist at United Supermarket said that the sale of over-the-counter medicine and prescription medicine has increased faster than years past.

“I notice that whenever people come up to the counter they’re just complaining just how bad the air from the drought is affecting their allergies, their coughing and if they have C.O.P.D or emphysema,” said Hoskins.

Some Texomans agree that this year, allergies and asthma have really picked up.

Andres Menchaca, a Texoman said, “I do have asthma and it’s been worse this year than last year.”

Hoskins says the best thing you can do is to avoid allergies is to just stay inside.

“There’s a lot of allergy apps you can get on your phone or computer and find out which pollen you’re allergic to,” said Hoskins. “And when you see that those are high in the air then you should stay inside as much as you can.”

Hoskins says children under two years old and the elderly are Texomans that are targeted the most.

“You don’t notice it as much when you start cutting back on water,” said Hoskins. “But when you see family getting sick then it really starts to hit home.”
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