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Pool Price Push

Pool Price Push

Archer City has found a way to keep its public pool open for the upcoming summer season, but it won't open without a price increase to pool users. The city council elected to keep its pool open by hauling in water from outside water wells. A good portion of the water and hauling cost will be paid for by private Archer City donations, but there will be some added cost to the city.

"Anything you can do to keep it, there's a good thing. I don't know, I think it's a real good thing for the kids, I don't know why they would want to take it away," said Archers City High School Senior Cole Havins

During the hot Texas summer months Havins said having the pool open has always seemed to keep him out of trouble. Though Havins said he is in favor of the price increase many in the town, even on his own street are okay with the price hike. Other Archer City residents refused to go on camera for an interview but said since pool operations won't be paid for with a tax increase or with money from the general fund the cost would only a burden on pool users.

"They weren't going to even open it so I guess raising the price a little bit to keep it opens a good thing so they can have it. It's a good thing for the community," said Havins.

The current admission price for the pool is $1 for those 11 and under and $2 for those 12 and older. The Archer City staff sent us this statement about the pool price increases.

Sent to Newschannel 6 from Archer City:

“The Archer City Council voted unanimously to proceed with the opening of the
City pool for the summer of 2014.  The City Council considered several
matters in reaching this decision such as the benefit it provides to the
community by providing outdoor recreation to the children and families,
especially during the heat of the summer.  Also, the City could face long
term costly maintenance problems if water isn't maintained in the pool.

Due to the extreme drought conditions we are currently experiencing, the
consensus of the Council was to operate the pool with well water which will
be hauled in to Archer City.  Although some of the expenses associated with
the purchase and transportation of the water will be paid for by private
citizen donations, there will be some added costs to the City.  

The City Council will consider an increase to admission prices at their May
15 Council meeting due to cost increases and the anticipated purchase of
some well water.  Admission prices have not been increased in over 5 years
and new pricing will be announced next week.  We anticipate the pool opening
on May 31, which will also be splash day.”

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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