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Decal Details

Many windows on the back of vehicles around Texoma tell a lot about the driver, like if they are a student, belong to an organization, play a sport, or have a family.

According to some residents, the decals that show every member of your family are showing too much information.

"Somebody who is a predator could find out how many people live in your family.  They could follow you to your home or they could know that you have little kids, said Texoma resident, Barbara Fancher.

"I think it could probably have your kids at risk, said Texoma resident, Jay McCarty.

McCarty also believes Texoma residents should be aware of what personal information is presented to the public.

"It's nice that you have a family and that you’re a happy person, but  I don’t think that you want the general public to know how many kids you necessarily have or don’t have," said McCarty. 

Even though some residents feel the family decals could be a risky choice to publicize, there is one Texoma resident who feels differently.

"I think now-a-days they(criminals) have access to whatever they want regardless of whether you have stickers on your car or not. They are going to find out what they want to find out," said one Texoma resident.

“I think it is a beautiful sentiment, but at the same time there are people that don't necessarily have you in mind," said McCarty.

The family decals could be a risk to families, but the Wichita Falls Police Department has not had any reported cases yet of family decals causing criminal activity.

Taylor Barnes, Newchannel 6
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