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Small Business Awards Banquet

The Wichita Falls Chamber Of Commerce recognized Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs at its annual Small Business Awards banquet Thursday night.

"I just love being able to give these hard working folks the recognition that they deserve,” said Henry Florsheim, President & CEO of the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Florsheim said it is important to honor small businesses in the community, because they play a major part in the local economy.

"It's about recognizing the cornerstones of our community that are getting started with their boot straps and pulling themselves up and creating a business or multiple businesses that end up being huge pieces of our economy,” said Florsheim.

Florsheim said often times small businesses are often overlooked. He said events like these makes you realize how much of an impact they have on the local community.

“They don't get the recognition that the big businesses do, but secondly they vast majority of our businesses would be considered small businesses and so if we don't have a community that supports those small businesses. We will lose a whole lot,” said Florsheim.

Florsheim said by awarding the young entrepreneur of the year, family owned business, and small business person of the year,  the Chamber hopes to encourage even more people in the local area to support local businesses but also encourage them to start their own.

"We just want to support entrepreneurship,” said Florsheim.  “We just want to keep doing that and keep building that since of community within the business community. So we're building bridges and people get to know each other better."

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6

2014 Small Business Award Winners:

Young Entrepreneur Award

Merrill Cain – M. Lynne Designs

Family-owned Business Award

CareTeam – Ann Popejoy, Greg Huffman, Colby Huffman and Lacey Morgan

Small Business Person Award

Jared Golden – AAA Guardian Foundation Repair 
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