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Only On Six: A Walk With Irene 9 Month Check-In

A Texoma woman has added five years to her life in as little as nine months.

Newschannel Six Anchor Ashley Fitzwater continued our year long walk with Irene for a nine month check in.

Back in August Irene decided to get weight loss surgery, but she's learned she can't complete this journey on her own.   So Ashley met up with Irene and two of her closest friends as they shared about the transformation of the woman they have known the past 17 years.

Friends said Irene is more joyful and full of life.  They also said she is a participant in the direction her life is going now, and not just along for the ride.  While they were fearful when they first heard she was going under the knife, that quickly changed.

" I remember her saying to me you probably wont like this, I said well let me see, let me hear what you have to say. She was doing it for all the right reasons. She wanted to see her grandkids when that day came, and see her daughter walk down the aisle, feel better about herself, and be off medications." said Dana. 

"I was happy for her cause she seemed to glow with having a purpose and a mission to accomplish something." said Carol.

Irene said her friends comments are encouraging because there are times she doubts herself.

"But yet I always have their voices in my head saying you go girl, you did the right thing for you."  said Irene.

Since taking you inside the operating room back in August, Irene has shed 87 pounds!  She has defeated diabetes, and no longer has to take a plateful of medication just to get through the day.    

"She has so much more confidence in herself now, not because she lost weight because she has taken control of her life." said Dana.

Irene said, "Everyday is a challenge, but when I do think about the good words I'm told it brings a smile to my face and I know I did something right and I am helping people."
Another person who's been a rock in this journey is Irene's daughter, Arianna.  The past 9 months has allowed to them to do things together they never could in the past.  Most recently it was a memory made at a family birthday party, where mother and daughter hit the dance floor. 

"I twirled her and she twirled me, and we danced and moved." said Irene. "At the end of the night I was thinking I could not have done that last year. And that was a memory that was incredible. A major memory with my kid that can't ever be taken away."

Which is why Irene said her biggest take away at this nine month check-in, is don't wait.

"It makes me sad I didn't do it sooner. I encourage people who are looking at this story and think I'll do it next year don't wait until next year." said Irene.

Ashley Fitzwater, Newschannel 6
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