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Stage 5 Drought Catastrophe Less Than 24 Hours Away

Wichita Falls-Combined lake levels have dropped below 25 percent for Lakes Arrowhead and Kickapoo, pushing Wichita Falls to its next stage of drought restrictions.

Stage 5 Drought Catastrophe will be effective Saturday, May 17. 

Additional restrictions include: 
  • No refilling of outdoor pools using City water
  • Commercial Car washes will not be allowed to use water from the City's water system on Sunday and Monday
  • Surcharges are increased
You are asked to call the Wichita Falls Public Works Department if you have any questions. 940-761-7477. 

Newschannel 6 just aired a special 30 minute broadcast this past Tuesday about Stage 5 and the drought's impact on Wichita Falls. Click here to watch the full episode. It is split in segments under the headline "Texoma Drought Watch Special."

You can also read the full list of Stage 5 Drought Catastrophe water restrictions by clicking here

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