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Stage 5: Drought Catastrophe

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Wichita Falls, TX - Wichita Falls will be going into a Stage 5: Drought Catastrophe at midnight, Saturday morning. City officials teamed up with environmental contractors, and found that there is a possibility of running out of water within 2.5 years.

“They told us that under the worst possible case scenario that we would have 24 months of water left,” said Darron Leiker, City Manager for Wichita Falls.

Leiker says the contractors take climate conditions, temperatures and evaporation rates into account. He said these circumstances could give us even more time. Other city officials say the Stage 5: Drought Catastrophe was inevitable.

Leiker said other water options include using water from Lake Ringold and he even spoke about building a pipeline. These options are for the distant future and he said they will not help us out during this drought. Leiker said the best possible solution is our short-term water re-use project.

“With good luck, we’ll have the water online by July 1st,” said Leiker. 

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6