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Fallen Unemployment

If you take a look at the unemployment rate in Wichita Falls you would say it's a decent number, but when you look at the number of individuals employed and in the workforce, it may change your mind.

"We lost a little bit as far as the workforce available. So that means either people moved out or they stopped looking for work, their unemployment benefits ran out,” said Henry Florsheim, President and CEO of the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce said the direction Wichita Falls is going in is similar to the national trend, where the number of employed is relatively the same as it was last year.

In April of 2013, the unemployment rate was at 5.9 percent. Now it sits at 4.6 percent, yet there still is a need for skilled workers.

“A lot of our key employers, especially our industrial employees can hire quite a few more people if they can find them,” said Florsheim. “So we've got this weird dynamic where you got people looking for work, but the unemployment rate is dropping but you still have employees trying to find people.”

Mona Statser, Executive Director of Workforce Solutions of North Texas says there are many jobs in the area. They just need people who are trained for them.

“There is a skills gap in the country. They are good jobs around, they are jobs for a machinist, welders, and those with skilled jobs and a lot of people don't have the skills to take those jobs,” said Statser.

Statser says the jobs are here but people need to acquire the skills and training necessary to fill them.  

"We have the training available. It’s getting the people to recognize that everyone has to go to a four year college. They can go to a two-year community college where there is a certificate training program,” said Statser.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 

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