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Drought Watch: Catastrophe Continues

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Wichita Falls, TX - The Stage Five: Drought Catastrophe is spreading, and the drought’s next target is Burkburnett.

Burkburnett is expected to implement stage five restrictions tonight.

Residents who choose not to follow the drought contingency plan could face up to a two thousand dollar fine.

Burkburnett city leaders are busy making sure the town is ready for tougher water restrictions.

“For the most part it's the same item that WF has reviewed in regards to Car washes and pools,” said City Manager, Mike Whaley.

Another addition to the drought contingency plan includes replacing their old automated water vending machine with a new machine that will track how much water is being bought and who is buying it.

“It is a potable water vending machine,” said Whaley. “It will be used by County residents who do not have any other option.”

Burkburnett is currently putting in 20-25 water wells into operation that will help bring in a large amount of water for its residents.

“Once we increase our production by that additional 1 million gallons per day,” said Whaley. “That will greatly increase our capabilities to provide clean potable water for our citizens.”

Whaley says that he has seen a minor increase in additional permits asking for private water wells because Burkburnett follows the Wichita Falls drought plan. Restrictions are expected to be the same.

“So we'll be reviewing our language and making those amendments tonight for the city council to review and approve,” said Whaley. “That will become effective immediately when it's approved tonight on the agenda. I know that everyone is concerned in regards to what our current conditions are. I believe if we continue to show the same kind of effort that we have shown throughout the drought that we've endured at this point, we're going to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Mike Whaley said he does not know when the vending machine will be operational.