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Water Works

The Castaway Cove water park will be open to the general public for the 2014 season, Saturday, May 24th.  Non-potable water will be hauled into the water park from the Wichita Falls Company, Green Touch Lawn and Landscape.

"It is well water, its coming out of the ground and the company pumps it out of the ground and brings it to us.  They have to treat it with chlorine before they bring it to a pool and then they offload it here in our facility," said Park Manager at Castaway Cove, Steve Vaughn. 

The cost to haul in the non-potable water to Castaway Cove is around $70,000.00 which will come from the parks' revenue.  Ticket prices, however, will stay the same and not increase.

Between six and nine thousand gallons of non-potable water will be going to Castaway Cove daily and will be placed into four tanks that sit at the corner of the water park, each holding three thousand gallons.

"What happens is we have a line over here that the truck hooks up to and it pumps the water into these tanks right here.  Once the tanks are full and we need them, we have a pump back there that we can actually send the water into the park and fill the pools up," said Vaughn.

With stage five drought restrictions now in effect in Wichita Falls, Castaway Cove continues to conserve water and it is something the park has been doing since Wichita Falls entered stage one drought restrictions. 

"We started a couple of years ago by not washing the cement down.  We're not watering the trees anymore because we're in stage five.  We're using the well water to water some of the trees.  I'm glad that there is now an alternative to bring in non-potable water to use at the water park," said Vaughn.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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