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Smoking, Water and New Business On WF City Council's Plate

A Jack County company is relocating to downtown Wichita Falls.

Lone Star Milk producers were recruited by the Economic Development Corporation. The company is expected to bring in 20 more jobs to the Wichita Falls.

A new smoking ordinance was also presented to the council. It would ban smoking in public places. While a majority of the public comments were in favor of the ban, others said this ordinance is wrong for Wichita Falls.

One person said, "The additional items in this ordinance does not challenge a single person to quit smoking. It just says they have to go out the front door to smoke."

Another person told council members, "We have this opportunity create a better place and a better environment. A cleaner, healthier environment for our children to leave them with, so when they grow up they are working in a safe environment."

The majority of those that spoke in favor of the non-smoking proposal were medical professionals. They said  the numbers show a drop in health problems seen in other cities that adopted similar smoking bans.

The council also officially adopted the Stage 5 Drought Plan. A $1 million engineering agreement to help begin Part 1 of the Wichita Falls Permanent Water Reuse Project was also approved.

"The Permanent Water Reuse Project will ultimately allow the City of Wichita Falls to return all the treated effluent from the River Road Waste Water Treatment Plant back to Lake Arrowhead," said Daniel Nix the Wichita Falls Utilities Operations Manager.

The City Council also said goodbye to long time council member Mary Ward. Ward represented District 5 in Wichita Falls. She was honored at the meeting for her extended service and dedication.

New District 5 Councilor Tom Quintero said he has a challenge in front of him now.

"It's just big shoes to fill, but I think I will be ok," said Qunitero. "I think she'll give me advice as I go for sure, as well as the rest of the city I'm assuming."
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