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Smoke Free Falls

Smoke Free Falls

Wichita Falls Health Officials said over 75% of Wichita Falls does not smoke. Lou Kreidler of the Wichita Falls Health Department says that a public ban on smoking is needed to make sure the majority of Wichita Falls residents are not exposed to second hand smoke.

"Not only in private and public work places, but also bars, and restaurants," said Kreidler.

Kreidler said that all sorts of diseases have contributed in some way to second hand smoke. Because Kreidler and others at the WFHD see smokers as the minority they want to make sure that workers in the majority are not exposed to the health risks of second hand smoke.

"It's about protecting the health of the workers who sometimes don't have a choice about what environment they work in and were saying to them, they have a right to work in an environment where they are not exposed to second hand smoke," said Kreidler.

Doctor Brian Hull, a physician at United Regional Physicians Group, said he is also a member of the Wichita Falls and Wichita County Health Coalition. Hull said that the coalition was made to promote the overall health of the county. After looking at the health factors of Wichita Falls, Hull said that smoking is by far the city’s biggest problem.

"I've seen a lot of people die of lung disease lot of people have lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and I can dare say none of them asked me when they are critically ill for a cigarette," said Hull.

Wichita Falls will hold its next city council meeting Tuesday, June 2nd. Medical health professionals, including members of the public are expected to make public comments before the WFHD presentation on the proposed smoking ordinance.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6

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