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Waning Wheat

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Wichita Falls, TX - Some Economists say the drought is causing the cash crop wheat to take a fall, creating a multi-million dollar ripple effect.

“The declines been pretty substantial,” said Trey Berend, a Field Representative for the Texas Farm Bureau. “You go from producing 25 to 35 to 40 bushels a year to not even being able to get a crop here in the last two years.”

Agricultural experts say the production of wheat has dropped more than fifty percent in four years. Instead of using wheat for consumption, they’re using it for farm use.

“In Bailor County alone, probably 60 to 70 percent of wheat has been turned into hay,” said one Texoman, Mark Daniel.

Berend says it’s not just wheat farms that have been affected by this. People who raise cattle have no place for their animals to graze. Cotton will have a tough time surviving too because it’s planted after wheat and uses the wheat for protection.

“You’re losing a big industry, the agriculture industry is very important here and if you have farmers go out of business you’ll see a decline in the loans bank can make,” said Berend. “You’ll see a decline in helping the economy. It will affect people buying and selling goods. You are going to see this throughout the duration of this drought.”

Farmers say the drought, the late freeze and the harsh winter have all negatively impacted our cash crops in Texoma.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6