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Precinct 2 Profiles

Precinct 2 Profiles

Less than 10% of the registered voters in Wichita County have taken part in this year's runoff election. There are multiple runoff elections across the state, but only one in Wichita County. Republicans Lee Harvey and Bill Lockwood are looking to fill a that has been held by Democrat Pat Norris for the last 20 years.

Lee Harvey of Burkburnett has worked in construction, managed multimillion dollar budgets, spent time in human resources and risk management. Harvey also volunteers at many county and community groups, but he wants to do more by giving back through serving as a commissioner. After years of working in multiple sectors Harvey says he has what it takes to help Wichita County.

"The services that we give, we can streamline that and actually improve upon those without going up on our tax dollars. You know you get the best bang for your buck," said Harvey.

Iowa Park Preacher and Wichita Falls Teacher Bill Lockwood said he was sick of standing on the sidelines idly watching what happened in local government. Lockwood said he has a strong love for not just his country, but also for God. If elected Lockwood said he would push for less regulation in order to support businesses and job growth.

In the future, I believe that we could offer for example a ten year moratorium on property to businesses that would want to relocate to Wichita County. I think that we ought to have a big welcome mat in Wichita County, for places to come relocate," said Lockwood.

Locals in the precinct had signs in support of both candidates. Many said they were focused more on the morals of who they would elect.

So far only less than 3,000 people have voted in Wichita County. Both Harvey and Lockwood are hoping that this time around voters pack the polls.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6

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