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Memorial Day Dedication

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Wichita Falls, TX -      Today a wall with the names of fallen soldiers was dedicated at a memorial service held today in the town of Windthorst. Many Texomans attended to support the freedom that was bought and paid for with the lives of fallen soldiers.

“It’s their sacrifice that allows us to be free and to enjoy the freedoms that our country has to offer,” said veteran David Teichman.

The wall contained 83 bricks with the names of those who fought, died then were buried in the St. Mary’s Cemetery. The wall was then blessed by the Deacon of St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

More bricks will be laid across the front of St. Mary’s grotto. The grotto was constructed in honor of 64 men who gave money and made a promise to return home from WWI.

Bill Veith, another veteran said, “And then when they all came home they started on this grotto in 1949 and it was completed in 1950.”

When asked about what this Memorial Day means to them, veterans exclaimed their ever developing appreciated for the armed services.

“I think it's incumbent upon all of us to think about those who have given the ultimate sacrifice because all too often we get wrapped up in our own lives and don't realize that we would be doing what we are doing right now if someone wasn't willing to give their lives,” said Veith.

Angela and Nubbin Johnston, the parents of a soldier killed in battle, were asked to dedicate a wreath in memory of all soldiers who have served in the military.

“We have a town, Wichita Falls full of hero's,” said Nubbin. “The young men that serve every day, thank them.”

Memorial Day was originally Decoration Day. This was a day to decorate the graves of our fallen soldiers.

After WWI, Memorial Day was expanded to honor all Americans who died while in the military.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6