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Door To Door No More?

A bill passed by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee could end door to door delivery to 15 million residents and businesses across America and in Texoma.

Approval for H.R. 4670 would phase out door delivery over 10 year span, saving the service $4.5 billion a year.

Mail carrier, Tom Swanson is a familiar face on Elizabeth Avenue. He loads up and delivers mail door to door to his residential customers. A service that could be in jeopardy if Congress votes in favor. 

The Wichita Falls postal service could not comment about this issue, but allowed me to follow Swanson on his route.

"Leave the mail like it is. Leave it alone, it's working,” Lea Mitchell, a Wichita Falls resident, opposing the idea of doing away with door to door mail delivery.

Lea and her husband, Gary Mitchell was sitting on their front porch when we stopped by. She said having her mail delivered to her front door is very convenient and would like to keep it that way.

“Comes on time and I don't have to go anywhere, and walk to get it,” said Lea.

Lea said if the service were to change it would be a hassle, but she would have to come to terms. However, for some it would not be that easy.

"It would be a burden on the elderly to have to go somewhere to get their mail or mail a letter,” said Gary Mitchell, a Wichita Falls resident.

Robert Blue, a retired Wichita Falls resident, came outside when we delivered his mail. He said every day the mail man comes he always expects a delivery.

"I depend on my mail. I’m a Vietnam veteran.  I have cancer and I’m blind,” said Blue.

Thanks to Swanson, this decorated war hero not only receives his care package at his front door, but also is greeted with the comfort of seeing his mailman face to face.

"He come over and speak to me, have a conversation. 'He would tell me, Robert, I don't have any medicine for you today.’  He understands my situation and what I’m going through,” said Blue.

And to residents in this neighborhood that means all the difference.

Newschannel 6 reached out to the local post master for comment, but they redirected us to its regional spokesperson, who did not return our phone calls.

In response, to the sub-committee’s passage of H.R. 4570, the National Association of Mail Carriers Union president released a statement; it reads “This irresponsible bill is bad for the American public, bad for business, bad for the economy and bad for the U.S. Postal Service and it simply ignores reality."

There is no word when the sub-committee’s bill will head to the House floor for a vote.  

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6
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