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CSC: Henrietta Sonshine House

A lot of our Community Service Champions help in so many different ways, but they all have a similar goal. That is to help as many people as they can. One woman in Henrietta spearheaded an effort that is in its third year of existence, and is helping more and more people every time it opens its doors.

"The first year we helped over 300 and something people. The second year we helped over 400 people. This year, already we've helped over 200 people in just five months," said Sandy Webb.

Webb is making a difference with the Henrietta Sonshine House.

Once a month the non-profit offers bags of food for those who need it. They also offer counseling to those they serve. As Webb says, it gives them a hand up, and not a hand out.

"With low self esteem you don't think you can achieve much," said Webb. "With healing and some counseling, hopefully you can get past that and you can have better self esteem. Then you actually start believing in yourself and believing that you can accomplish things and you wind up getting out of the hole."

Sandy is a perfect example of not only seeing a need, but attacking it to help. She said God put it on her heart to help, but she has also been where the people she's helping are right now. It was all because of a hearing problem she had when she was young. That hearing problem never let her learn to read very well in school.

" She was a single mother. Didn't know how to read. Had trouble finding even minimum wage jobs," said Henrietta Church of Christ Pastor Todd Davis. "Sandy was trying to make ends meet. She really struggled from the ground up."

Pastor Davis watched Sandy and the Sonshine House take shape.

"She didn't make the excuse of somebody needs to do it, but I'm not qualified.  She doesn't have that degree in social work or anything else. She saw the need and she went and found out how to meet the need," said Pastor Davis. "She went and found training. She went and found people to advise her. She went and sought direction. Through all of that, she managed to put this thing together."

Cindy Sheldon volunteers as much time as she can to Henrietta's Sonshine House. She said that Sandy's giving heart goes much further than her work at the church.

"She inspires me," said Sheldon. "She does things. She's not the person you call when you're sick. She's the person who realizes that you're sick and calls you and says, 'what can I do? How can I help? What can I bring you?' You don't even have to call her. She's the one that's going to be there when you need her."

Sonshine House in Henrietta is more than food once a month. They offer everything they can. From fans in the summer. To firewood in the winter. To helping with rent if needed. Sandy says getting it started three years ago was a passion and a calling, and despite the obstacles, worth it.

"God is a lot bigger than anything else," said Webb. "So if it's pleasing to him, it will happen and it will seem easy."

Sandy Webb has some advice. She says if you see a need in your community, don't wait for someone else to do it. Make a difference at the spot you were pointed to.

Chris Horgen, Newschannel 6.
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