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Fireworks Ban?

There could be a reduction or a ban of the use and sale of fireworks in Wichita County.

The doors are currently closed and the shelves empty at Fireworks Unlimited all for preparation of the 4th of July sales.  However, due to the ongoing drought, Wichita County Commissioners could soon vote to either reduce or ban the use and sale of fireworks.

Kent Herzog of Fireworks Unlimited has his own opinion.

"We will hopefully recommend to the County Commissioners that they will adopt a similar resolution to the resolution that was in 2013.  I think it was really effective in 2013 for Independence Day," said Herzog.

Some of the fireworks guidelines in 2013 stated:

· No fireworks could be used if winds are 20 miles per hour or greater

· Fireworks could not be used in brushy areas, only on cleared or plowed land.

"We realize the conditions in Wichita County and that there is a shortage of water.  We feel that the proposed resolution will not strain the water resources in Wichita County," said Herzog.

Herzog also believes that if there were a ban on fireworks, it would not solve the problem.  Firework sales at 2 of his locations in Waurika and Ardmore Oklahoma have increased. 

"The data tells us that prohibition is not the solution. It's not a logical solution," said Herzog.

The goal for the American holiday, for all Wichita County residents is safety.

"We want everyone to celebrate the upcoming independence holiday.  Our slogan is be safe, be smart, be responsible," said Herzog.

The last fireworks ban in Wichita County was in 2011.

Fireworks Unlimited plans to be open Tuesday, June 24th.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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