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Scientists Say Cloud Seeding Could Be The Reason We’re Not Seeing Any Rain

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Scientists say cloud seeding could be the reason we’re not seeing any rain. Cloud seeding experts strongly disagree. Our loyal Facebook followers have been going back and forth on this topic, so Newschannel 6 set out to speak with cloud seeding experts and research scientists about the issue.

Brian Moore, Wichita Falls S.O.A.R. Project Manager, said cloud seeding does not affect the rain fall negatively in any form or fashion.

Thomas Jones, Research Scientist for N.O.A.A. explained how he thinks cloud seeding affects Texoma's future rain fall.

“Here’s how I like to explain it,” said Jones. “If you have a box of air that contains a certain amount of moisture. and you cloud seed, all you're doing is increasing the number of cloud condensation of nuclei in that box of air. This decreases the drop size, which actually slows down the development of precipitation.”

Jones says a decrease in precipitation could be the reason we’re not getting any rain. This is something Brian Moore Disagrees with.

“The last five years, we didn't do anything,” said Moore. “We did not do anything but sit on our hands. Well, that didn't do us a whole lot of good.”

Thomas Jones says there could be even more dangers associated with cloud seeding.

“And one thing I always like to think of is the liability issue with cloud seeding. Well assuming it did something and caused a tornado two counties away. Hmm, that could be a problem.”

Brian Moore says he does his own research using a $500,000 plane that uses special research probes. The probes calculate and collect data that is expected to be released in October.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6
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